“If you correct your mind the rest of your life will fall into place” Lao Tsu

Teresa is a in-demand life coach, certified Law of Attraction,  Certified Wisdom Coach for Kids and a Reiki Master Teacher, she is also a wife and a loving mother of three beautiful children.

By using the powerful  Universal Laws and connecting with the unlimited Source Energy supply that lives within  all of us, she has manifested her ideal healthy body, a loving and passionate marriage and beautiful family, a fulfilling and successful career, her dream house and many other rewarding opportunities that she would love to share with you. She has experienced true joy in being a deliberate creator and is now her desire to help as many people as possible to do the same.

Teresa is optimistic person who’s life mission  and purpose is to make a difference in other peoples lives. She uses her enthusiasm, unconditional love and passion to guide others to live their most fulfilling life. She uses her forward thinking and  higher energy to focus in all  the abundant opportunities and endless possibilities that are out there for all of us.

In one session,  by telephone,online or in person, Teresa can show you how powerful your thoughts are and how you can use that power to breakthrough to the success you are seeking in your life, whether you wish to expand your business, have a healthy and ideal body, improve your financial state, enrich your relationships, attract your ideal partner, or find the perfect career and life purpose. As a coach she will provide you with tools and techniques that you can incorporate on your daily life to help you raise your vibrations and align yourself with the energy of your desires. With her uplifting guidance soon you will uncover your own power to easily and effortlessly create the life you truly want and  you will turn your dreams into reality.

When you experience the power of your mind first hand, you will definitely transform your life.

The  most important secret to work with the Law of Attraction is to love oneself  but is not just the Law of Attraction. That is only a part of it. When you learn to use the other Universal Laws accordingly, you can attain success in all aspects of your life.

Her message is very simple,  she believes that  the solution to  all your problems reside in reconnecting and loving who you truly are- An unlimited magnificent spiritual being that is always connected and supported by the highest energy of all, the energy of Oneness/God/Source/, the higher intelligence that gives life to everything and everyone in this Universe, the essence of you really are, which is Pure Divine Love,  but you also have free will and the  only  decision  you have to make is- How much of that energy do you allow it to flow to you, because in the end the choice is always yours, but she is here to help you connect to it and to guide you in how to allow this beautiful energy to flow to you.


 We truly do live in a Magical Universe where our thoughts becomes things; there is enough for everyone; opportunity never stops knocking; and love is everywhere. ~Teresa~