Creating Solutions

Posted on Jan 22, 2015 | 0 comments

We notice that there are so many people who are living life in a very conditional way. They look out and they see things that are wonderful and they say “yes we want more of those, we would vote for that, we would support that with our time and energy and money”, but then they look out and they see things that they do not want, terrible things that they do not want to live and that they do not want to see others live, and they say “we’ve got to do something about getting rid of those things”, but they don’t realize that as they push against the unwanted, they add power to it.

In this world there is a war against poverty, and a war against cancer, and a war against teenage pregnancy, and a war against terrorism, and a war against violence, and a war against terrorism.. did we mention that there is a war against terrorism? And all of this pushing against, is only adding-to, because you can’t say no and make it go away. When you shout “NO!”, the law of attraction is lining that up.






Food for thought

We can not create the solution with the same energy that creates the problem.”Likes attract likes” meaning the energy we send out (individually and collective) is the energy we will get back, it’s the law there is no other way. The Universe doesn’t judge it ,it only responds to the vibration we are sending by sending back situations with same frequency.The more we push and fight and talk and complain and get angry about the problems the more energy we are collectively giving it and feeding to the problem, unconsciously we are giving more power and make it bigger because we will only attract more of the same. That’s why despise the fact that more than 80% of the world population never wanted wars; terrorism, poverty, hate, diseases, we haven’t been able to get rid of the problems because instead of sending love and blessings to those situations we fight them,we fear them and hate them and complain about them and that is the same energy that create them in the first place.We have been living from many centuries now with the predominant energy of FEAR, living with a ego fear based thinking mind, focusing most of our energy in the things we don’t like rather than the things we like, and to see changes we have to wake up,let go of old beliefs system that doesn’t serves anymore, and create new ones that empower us,that empower our dreams and desires and that will helps us open our consciousness to the higher energies of Love,Joy, Gratitude and Compassion . God is Love, Pure Unconditional Love Energy and SO DO WE, but we have take on a Ego, but our pure essence is Divine Love,an expression of God, a vessel of divinity, and He/She is not going to change for fear to solve our problems or He/She will not be God, God is Oneness and conflict is Twoness ( us and the thing we are in conflict with). Love (God) is the most powerful high frequency energy in the Universe, is the energy that creates worlds and everything in the Universe, and is always in us and around us, we just have to re-connect with it and open our eyes and hearts to it. That’s what God is, and when we are living in Fear( anger, despair, worry,etc) we are not letting God in. God is Ecstasy, Pure Bliss and there is nothing we can do about it, so asking God to come down to our lives and solve our fear based problems is a waist of energy, God doesn’t recognize problems only love or He/She would not be God. Love can ONLY recognize Love.( High frequency energies can only attract more high frequency energies, and lower frequency energies only attract more lower frequency energies)
Only by shifting our consciousness from fear and hate, judgment,condemnation and criticism; to love, peace, forgiveness and compassion towards each and every one of God’s children no matter what they are or do, we will be able to reclaiming our own divinity and express it, and that’s when we become miracle workers, by shifting our energy we will shift the entire energy of the planet and there lays the solution to our individual and collective problems. It all starts inside each and everyone of us, one person at the time, by being the peace and love within, we will light up the world! It’s all here, we all have it, we just have to BE it again.
Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

With love
~Teresa da Silva~