Coaching Services

Coaching Services

Are you tired of living your life running around day in day out and feeling like you getting no where?

Did you ever wonder why some people seem to have it so easily while others struggle all their lives and get nothing in return?

Do you feel like you giving all of you, but it never feels that is good enough?

Are you paying attention to your feelings? Do you still remember how to dream? Are you listening to your heart’s desires? Or are you  so busy meeting everyone’s needs that you don’t have time to listen to your own?

Are you  standing in your power living to your true potential or sabotaging your results based on limiting beliefs about yourself and the world around you?

Looking back on your life how many times you felt neglected, unlovable,  unworthy or  not good enough? Most of times from  people that supposedly should love you the most?

If some of these answers( if not all of them) are yes, I am here to tell you that I know exactly how you feel, I have been there, but just like me you are going to learn that it does not have to be this way, this is not who you really are,  it does not matter where you coming from, the only thing that matters is where you want to go from here!

Have you been wondering lately with the questions “Who am I, really?” and” What’s my purpose?”

You are an  eternal, unlimited, magnificent being that lives in a friendly and abundant Universe where everything is energy, and  is ruled by different Universal Laws that supports you in everything you do,  and independently if you believe  or not, life is not happening to you, is only responding to the vibrations of your thoughts, words, feelings and emotions making sure it sends you back situations, people and circumstances that matches your vibration. The Universe is always supporting you, is up to you to choose if you want  to use it deliberate or  just keep doing it  by default.

Think of yourself as a boomerang ,what you send vibrational you receive back, Law of Attraction doesn’t recognize if is good or bad only recognizes the vibrational frequency and does everything in its power to match it back at you.

Do you sometimes wish to have a magic formula that could change things around to make  a much more happy, fulfilled and  fun life?

Well, this is it,you are it!! You with your thoughts,  feelings emotions and beliefs together with the Law of Attraction that is always there responding to your vibrations are the magic formula, you and you alone have the power to create anything you desire, and live the life of your dreams,  you have  all the answers and all the wisdom within, you just need to remember.

As a life coach I will guide you  to reconnect with your true self!

Our purpose is to be free to use our thoughts and feelings to co-create  a wonderful life, filled with joy , peace, love and abundance, our purpose is to create ourselves anew  everyday for the greatest version we can possibly be. Is to be love, joy, happiness, so we can express your own Divinity!

You were born to soar! All your problems can be healed if you learn how to find love, joy, peace, happiness, abundance, gratitude, compassion and bliss within,

all this feelings are the essence of your Soul, is who you really are!

By honoring your magnificence and re-member who you really are,  you can bring your life to shine.

When people start to love and value themselves more each day, it’s amazing how their lives get better. They feel better. Their well-being improves. They get the jobs they want. They have the money they need. Their relationships either improve, or the negative ones dissolve and new ones begin. They will manifest a much healthier, loving, joyful, peaceful and abundant life.

Loving yourself is a wonderful adventure; it’s like learning to fly. Imagine you had the power to fly at will? How exciting it would be!

  Begin to love yourself now, so you can spread your wings and fly!

If you wish to embark in this amazing journey with me, my goal as a life coach is to help you raise your vibrational energy and clear limiting beliefs that may be sabotaging your life’s results with simple processes and techniques that will help you re-connect with your true inner power and your higher self; that part within you that has all the wisdom and answers you seek. My mission is to bring you back to love, is to guide and inspire you to rediscover who you really are, help you find your true colors and your true light so you can embrace your magnificence and start embracing the life you were always meant to live.

Like a light house I illuminate your own way back “Home” with unconditional love and compassion.

 What my coaching can do for you:

  • Improve your relationship with yourself as a reflection of all other personal and professional relationships in your life
  • Learn about the magnificence of your being and who you really are
  • Help you connect with your true self and inner guidance system
  • Help you make peace with where you are
  • Guide you to achieve your dreams and desires

Tools that I use in my coaching sessions 

  • Law of Attraction processes and techniques
  • 7 Essential  Universal Laws
  • Light Body Meditations
  • Future Vision Techniques
  • Self- Empowerment coaching
  • Self- Awareness coaching
  • Personalized meditations
  •  Usui Reiki Healing (by distance or in person)
  • EFT (Tapping)

My coaching sessions are offered on a 1 on 1 private session with packages to meet each client’s needs. Usually, I like to work with a client from 3 to 6 months so they can experience their inner changes and see the results of things flowing into their lives. But it really depends on your needs and commitments. Some clients have seen results within the first 2 weeks.

I also offer group coaching classes, workshops and seminars on different programs that will improve different aspects of your life.

If you ready to take control of your own life,reclaim you true power  and enjoy a life filled with love, joy and true happiness, contact me to schedule you free session and experience the power of one on one coaching.


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