Shining Stars- Life Coaching for Kids

Shining Stars- Life Coaching for Kids

Do you want your kids to have outstanding self- esteem, overcome their fears and learn to set goals and make good decisions?

Kids need to be thought how to think, not what to think.

Did you know that most of our limiting beliefs that sabotage our results in life are  acquire even before the age of seven?

As  parents we love our children more than anything in the world and we all want the best for our children, we want them to thrive trough life, be happy and have a better future. But sometimes even with the  best intentions we end up making the same mistakes our parents did, by teaching them what to think based on our own beliefs, and let’s face it we all have lots of limiting beliefs that no longer serves us and most of them are not even ours,  they were thought with the best of intentions of course  by our parents, grand parents and society itself, but unfortunately they were based on fear, lack, limitations and unawareness of who we really are, and now that we are more aware of our true power  we are spending half of our life time, try to undo that and create new beliefs  that empower us.

Did you ever wonder how different your life could have been if you had learn in your early ages that your thoughts and beliefs create your own reality and that life is not happening to you is responding to the vibration of your feelings?

We are all born with this knowledge, ever wonder why children have such a huge imagination, have lots of fun, see things in a simple and easy way, believe that everything is possible, get happy for no reason,  like to be silly, have no problems in expressing their feelings ( happy,mad or sad), and every happy day is the best of their lives?

Because they know the truth, they are still very connected to Source, and they know the essence of their spirit, and who they really are. Is us with our limitations and the projections of our own fears with the best intentions of protecting them, that teach them to  get down their crystal palace and look and  life with “real eyes”. And like us, they grow up, believing that life is suppose to be hard,  that we live in unfair, hostile and dangerous world, money is hard to get and definitely  doesn’t grow on threes, and that they have to succeed, stand out and compete to have their place in the world. Soon they will think that life is way to hard, they will loose the ability to dream and use their  imagination most of the times to worry about the things they don’t want.

Fear and ego based limiting beliefs are crushing our spirits  for more than a millennium now,  our belief that we all separated,disconnect from source and alone in the universe  created the  very competitive and greedy world we live in , but our children are the future, they are going to be our leaders, and we have the power to change the course of humanity if we start teaching our children new empowering beliefs based on oneness, love, gratitude compassion,kindness and abundance.

Can you imagine what kind of world we will have in a few decades if we all start teaching our children  the truth about who we really are? Pure Love Energy , unlimited, eternal, magnificent beings that are nothing less than an expression of Divinity Itself!



Being a mother of three beautiful children, my kids give me the inspiration to fulfill my dream of making this world a better place. I truly feel that the most important job we have as a society is to educate our children about the nature of who we really are, so we can start  empowering generations that will create a totally different future.

One of my strongest desires and life mission is to dedicate my coaching practice to empower kids,  by teaching and guiding our little ones to become the stars of their own lives, so they can learn how to use their own  mind power to create the lives of their dreams and become the beautiful shining stars they are all meant to be.

As certified WISDOM Coach™  I coach kids from 6-12 with short fun stories that help empower kids with inner strength, outstanding self -esteem and confidence.

Our philosophy is all about mind set training teaching kids how to use the power of the mind and the power of their thoughts to: handle the ups and downs of growing up without getting down or giving up on themselves.

To create happiness and success regardless the circumstances; to think for themselves and create good decisions; to go for their dreams and make them happen.

Through introduction of concepts such as “being the owner and leaders of our own lives”, adolescents learn to take full responsibility for their life-journey, their responses to situations and others, and understand their ability to create a meaningful life. The program is designed to create an ongoing dialog between students, coaches, and family—it is learning without lecturing that focuses on the youth discovering his or her inner strengths.

1. MindPower™Understanding the power of your mind and why you achieve what you believe

2. InnerPower—Choosing who you want to be, and standing up to peer pressure and bullying

3. MePower—Unlocking the power of positive self-esteem and self-confidence.

4. DreamPower—Creating your vision, achieving your goals, and manifesting your dreams

5. Slaying Dragons—Learning to break through fears, changes, failures, and mistakes, and focus on goals and vision of the future

This five wonderful coaching programs will cover areas of:

  • Creating soaring self- esteem
  • Building self-confidence  and creating courage
  • Building resilience
  • Standing up to peer pressure- How to think for yourself and make good decisions
  • Making dreams come true without the fairy

If you ready to help your children overcome their fears and bust out  of their shyness, please contact me for a complementary consultation and we will map out  a plan to help them create confidence and courage so they  can allow  their true light to shine.


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Teresa da Silva certified WISDOM Coach™ and an expert in helping kids becoming the shining stars of their own lives.


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