Let’s talk about Abundance…

Posted on Apr 25, 2014 | 0 comments

My dear friends I would love to talk to you about Abundance…
What does abundance mean to you? Is it money? Is it health? Is it
someone to love?
Would you like to know how to create more abundance in your life?
How would you feel if you had more of what you long for in life?
Go ahead close your eyes right now and  just imagine that you have it.
Visualize yourself already living it, how different your life would be?
How happy do you feel? Sense it in you body, in your heart center.
Everything you desire is not because of the thing itself,
is because of the essence of it, is because of the feelings you believe 
you are going to get once you have it; like peace of mind, freedom, love,
well-being, safety, security, success, protection, and so on.
But those are feelings that you can feel any time you choose too.
Abundance is an attitude of mind. It is so much more than just having
money. A strong inner sense of abundant well-being opens your mind to infinite possibilities.
Abundance means living in a deeply enriched way-physically, mentally,
emotionally and spiritually. It is founded upon valuing yourself and
your life exactly as you are right now. So often people exist in a
void of waiting before they begin to live instead of living in the
moment. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You have all the riches
you need within yourself to create an abundant world, you just need
to believe it. An unshakeable sense of your own inner worth is the
greatest resource you can develop. Honor yourself for what you have
achieved. Be compassionate toward yourself. Feel blessed, and trust
that you can manifest all that you require and generously share what
you have with others. This creates a never-ending flow. You live in an
Abundant Universe, if you don’t believe it yet, just look around and
contemplate nature, there is no limit of stars in the sky, or water
in the oceans, there is countless species of animals, plants, flowers
and trees, even your own body has trillions of cells that reproduce
and multiply every day. We live in an abundant Universe that is always
supporting us, the only scarcity that we see in our world, is just
the reflection of our collective consciousness based only on our
thoughts and beliefs.
Remember ‘Likes attract likes” ( Law of attractions at its best)
– What your mind conceives it achieves- so think positively.
– Measure your self-worth by who you are, not what you own
.- Focus on exactly what you wish to attract, not on what you don’t have.
– Follow your bliss: do what you love.
– Be grateful and feel blessed, gratitude is the doorway to happiness.
– Believe that you can bring your dreams to fruition.
– Accept and appreciate the small joys of everyday life.
– Avoid doubt, guilt and procrastination; let go of fear and self-pity.
– Share what you have, and take pleasure in giving including to yourself.

And when ever you experience daily life “getting in you way”  I’ve learned
with Neal Donald Walsch tonight in my “Living from your Soul” course a
wonderful and magical technique that I am quoting here.
Whenever you find yourself caught up in paying the bills, handling business,
keeping everybody happy, meeting a deadline, doing what you have to do
to get trough the day and special when encountering someone or something
that it is difficult, you may want to stop take a  few deep breaths
and bring your hand to your heart.
First you put your hand over your heart, until you feel the love
coming from your soul, you will feel love for yourself, then
you will feel love for others, then you will feel love for life itself
and then you will feel love for All-That-Is, called Divinity.

Know that you are Divinity itself, Divinity is expressing itself trough
you so there is nothing in this world that you can not be, do or have.

Acknowledging your magnificence is acknowledging  the magnificence
of Divinity itself and that is all your soul wants you to do.
Playing small or not believing in yourself is rejecting the magnificence
of God that lives within you.
Your purpose here is to co-create your own world expressing the Divine
Love, the Energy of All-That-Is, the Energy of God that resides within
you, me all of us, we are all One, every living and non-living thing
in this universe is energy and is connected with divinity Itself.
Embrace that energy, tap into it, and  your life will become magical.

Have an Abundant and Blessed weekend!
With all my love