What is my life’s purpose?

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What is my life’s purpose?

“You are an eternal extension of Source Energy, The basis of your life is freedom and the purpose of your life is joy” Abraham


We all have moments in our lives that we slow down our minds from our everyday thoughts and question Life’s true meaning and we wonder about our purpose.

Our purpose it doesn’t have to be something big, it simply is what makes your heart sing, brings you joy, peace and happiness.

I can’t speak for you, but I can tell you my own experience.

Ever since I was young  I felt in my heart this huge calling to reach out for others, I  have always believed in the power of love, and I knew without a doubt that the right thing for me to do was to always follow my heart, and I have always encourage others to do the same. Some people  call me romantic, naive, a dreamer, and even though I got hurt and felt down on my knees a few times, I refused to think in any other way, I  always  trusted and followed my heart and gave all of me with absolutely no walls or barriers and I can honestly tell you that I have no regrets.

That way of thinking brought immense joy in my life, I moved to another country, moved away from all the negativity that was bringing me down, but most importantly I found the love of my life with which I have a beautiful and strong soul relationship, and together we had three beautiful loving children. For eight years my purpose in life was to be a full time  mom and  wife, I felt  that was my strongest calling, being there for my children and husband, loving them and be present in every single moment of their lives was what brought more joy to me at the time, I felt happy and fulfilled, our house was and still is full of love and joy and that is what matters the most to me, I always felt extremely grateful and blessed for the amazing love bond that all we have. But two years ago, when my kids were big enough to be in school full time, I started question myself again, I felt like I had everything to be happy about it, but I could feel a void in my heart waiting to be fulfilled, I started having this burning desire of serving others again, so I starting asking questions  again, my questions were “Who am I?” ‘What’s my purpose?” How can I fulfill my purpose?”

I started meditated and while doing it I asked for guidance, signs and inspiration to follow my path and since then I started a journey of self –discover, self- empowerment and most importantly self- Love, I become a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, a Wisdom Certified Life Coach for Kids and a Reiki Master –Teacher. All of this happens in less than 2 years from the comfort of my home.

Today I am in contact with thousands of people that are in same spiritual awakening journey, I have been able to personal coach and met wonderful people, I am surround it by amazing like minded  soul friends from whom I learn and get inspired every day and most importantly  I am here writing this to you. Now, if two years ago you have asked me if I thought this could be possible, I would have answer “Not in a million years!! I am just a regular woman /mom taking care of her own life”, but the truth is once I started asking questions my life took a completely different path and I just followed along with my heart, and let me tell you I have no words to describe how happy  I am that I did, because I never felt more alive, my heart is filled with peace, joy, happiness, gratitude and bliss, I am super excited to see where this journey will take me, and how much joy and happiness I can inspire others to have.

So what is my purpose?

I am a Messenger of Love, bringing more love to other people’s lives hence the world is my mission.


Not because I am special than you or because I have been chosen.  I am a messenger of Love just because I choose too.

I choose too not because my life is easier than anybody else, in the end I am just a regular woman, with a regular life, I still have bills to pay, house hold to care, three children to raise, and a family to love and provide for, I still have everyday problems, worries fears, doubts, and insecurities that I have to deal with. But I choose to focus on the good instead of the bad, I refuse to do it any other way,  I focus on the beauty of life that surrounds us every day. I choose to read books with messages of love and life’ true meaning, instead of watching the news or any destructive negative shows, in the morning with my cup of coffee  instead of reading the Newspaper, I go outside and listen to the birds, look to the threes and I contemplate the sky, I see nothing but beauty and it amazes me every time how Mother Nature keeps everything in balance, when I feel worried or any fears, instead of giving more momentum to those thoughts, I catch myself, I give myself permission to feel down, but  I find a way  to bring myself up, I meditate more and ask for guidance and alignment, I go for a walk by the lake, I cry if I have to, to release the energy, the difference between now and my old self is that now I am more aware of my thoughts,  feelings and emotions, I am more aware  of my energy and when I am in alignment with who I really I am or not, I stop playing victim, judging, criticizing or doubting myself and ask “Who AM I?” and “What love would do in this situation?” , these two questions are the secret ones to bring me back to who I really Am and make make my well-being my first priority

I choose to guide and inspire others to focus on the  magnificence of their Being, on the beauty and good of their lives instead of focusing on what is lacking or going wrong, and in  all these moments I feel my heart filled with gratitude, unconditional love, joy and absolute fulfillment and that is the answer to my question:

What is my purpose?

My purpose is to Be Love, choosing Love and BEING LOVE is freedom and is absolutely ENOUGH!!

With is I feel inspired to ask  you my dear friend:What is your purpose? What brings you joy and excitement? What makes your heart sing? What makes you happy right here right now?

We all have the answers within, we just have to ask and listen, and if I could do it so do you. Connect with yourself, listen to the voice of your heart, let the light and beauty of your True Being shine through, erasing all the layers that have been camouflaging the magnificence of your soul, is time for you to fly my friend, to spread your wings and soar.

What’s your purpose?

To be extremely happy. You are meant to SOAR!!!

With all my love,