Reiki Sessions

Reiki Sessions

I love giving Reiki treatments. I call it my labor of love, because I feel nothing but Love and Joy while doing this amazing service.

Description of a typical session

 I love giving Reiki treatments. I call it my labor of love, because I feel nothing but Love and Joy while doing this amazing service. Is very rewarding for me and for the client. A typical session with me usually takes 60 to 90 minutes, and it can be done for personal well being or for business since Reiki is wonderful to clear the energy of spaces and environments. A discussion will usually take place during our initial session, where I ask the client to describe for me any issues or concerns that they are experiencing in their lives and they will let me know what they are hopping to achieve from our session. A session can be done  in person or by distance. A distance treatment is equally powerful and can be done over the phone or I can do it alone using just the client’s (or someone else in need) name and picture. For businesses I only need the name of the company and the location.

Being a life coach I love using Reiki because it helps the clients release blockages of energy that are limiting their life’s experiences.

The key for healing is INTENTION, and the client has to have the intention to heal and accept the energy of healing in order to fully allow the shifts to happen.

The client will rest comfortably in a massage table (when in person) or if your session is over the phone you will lay comfortably on a bed or sofa, fully clothed just shoes removed. Loose comfortable clothing is suggested.

Every person’s experience is different but the most common sensations during a session are: a nice warm feeling or tingling, some muscle spasms, a faster activity of some of the organs (heart, stomach, and intestines) and feeling of subtle waves in the body. Some people even describe seeing colors or insights, others feel nothing but a very deep relaxation and some even fall asleep. I love discussing with my clients what comes to them during each session, because sometimes we get some insights or clarity about blockages and resistances discussed in our coaching sessions. I love the awareness and Ah-a moments myself and the client have after a session.

Reiki can be combined with other health care practices which enhance the results in restoring energy. The deep relaxation and nurturing of a Reiki session enable the body to heal itself. It is recommended a series of three Reiki treatments  to fully experience the Reiki benefits although some clients have reported amazing results within the first session.

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