More Love

Dearest Teresa,

Where do I even start? I guess I will start by saying the first few things that come to mind. Thank you and I love you.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all the small and Big things that you have done in past for me and to help me stand where I stand today. You have been My All-in-One –   friend, coach, support system and a lot more. It has been a great privilege to meet you for the past few years, but even more it is an honour for me to be your friend. Teresa, you introduced me to real of new possibilities because of which I was able to be the person that I am today.

I hope that you live for many more years so that I can create a lot more memories with you, to learn from, to just be with you. Most of all, thank you for being who you are, and for providing such a great example of a good person to which I could aspire and admire. I’m not there yet, but I’m working on it!

Thank you again with lots of love and happiness.


Maria Chinelli




" Coaching with Teresa was one of the most powerful experience of my life.  When I first met her there was a lot of turmoil in my life. She helped me look at the bigger picture, she helped me strip away some of the emotional elements that had been clouding certain issues for me. She helped me think about things in a tangible and positive way. Through her coaching, I was able to identify what was really important to me, make better decisions and move forward with my life. She helped me to overcome many challenges. Her sessions gave me the confidence to keep improving and keep going.  She has encouraged me to be true to myself and to believe in my dreams. I loved working with Teresa. As a person she is just lovely. She has a wonderful temperament, is very friendly, and is very open minded. I was always drawn to her honesty and her passion for life. It was a great experience. She is very supportive of her clients and will go the extra mile to help you succeed. I strongly recommend her if you are looking for a life coach to support, mentor and inspire you on your life journey. " - Lucy Helena de Souza, Toronto

"It has been an honor and a privilege to work with Teresa as my life coach for the past year. Teresa has an amazing ability to guide you out of the labyrinth of your mind and into the temple of your heart and soul, where answers to all of your questions reside. I always feel so much peace, clarity, expansion, confidence, inspiration, and alignment with my true nature after our sessions. Dedicated to her own spiritual growth, Teresa generously shares her amazing gifts with her clients, the biggest gifts being her loving and compassionate heart, her wisdom and intuition. She is a beautiful and powerful lighthouse, illuminating the path to joy, freedom, abundance, unconditional love, and unlimited possibilities for so many people." ~ Tatsiana McGee~ Massage Therapist, Lexington,Kentucky

"About Reiki: I knew very little about Reiki and had never done a session before so I had no idea what to expect or what I would feel. So the sense of peace and love I felt was overwhelming. I eventually calmed my thoughts and focused on the moment and was able to feel the most sense of calmness, peace, relaxation and love I have ever felt. I felt my body relax and absorb the energy you were sending me. I never thought I could feel energy physically but I did. I don´t know how you are able to focus and send energy, peace and love but you do. I believe it takes a very special person to be able to practice Reiki, to give so much of themselves in one moment. You are unique Teresa, a very special soul, who wants to give as much as possible to the world. I am fortunate to know you and call you my true friend.” Luciana Pires, Toronto

"I want to say Thank You! Thank you because you are helping me become a better person. Working with you helps me put my mind into focus. I am able to concentrate on what I want my life to be and who I want to become. I have learned to focus on the good because you attract what you think and feel. I thank you for introducing me to all the wonderful books that helped me to “wake up” and restored my faith. We are all One and we are all Love. Thank you for showing me this.” Luciana Pires, Toronto